In light of the ongoing developments with respect to Covid-19, we are continuing with certain changes that have been institued at Stirling Veterinary Services to help ensure the safety of our staff and clients.

Firstly, we ask if you or a family member is displaying flu-like symptoms or have been diagnosed with Covid 19 and your pet requires treatment, call ahead so we can take the necessary precautions and, have someone else bring your pet in.

We are presently open and seeing animals by appointment only. When you arrive for an appointment, we ask that you please give the clinic a call (613-395-2716) and wait in your vehicle until advised to come in.  If you arrive to pick medication refills or food however, you can come directly into the clinic.  

Prescription refill may take 24-48 hrs so please take this into consideration when requesting a refill.

We thank you for your understanding during theses challenging times.  Providing ongoing care for your pet is a priority and we are trying to do our best to ensure they won't go without care during the weeks to follow.  

Thanks from the SVS staff